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When: Meetings are the second Monday of each month at 5:30 pm in the Town Council Chambers, Town Hall, 350 East Main Road

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Term Expires
James Gedney Member 559 Turner Road 7/1/2019
Howard Hall Member 151 Atlantic Drive 7/1/2019
David Huntoon Vice Chair 7/1/2020
Robert Johnson Secretary 82 Wyndham Hill 7/1/2019
Gary Paquette Chair 37 White Terrace 7/1/2020
Peter Tarpgaard Member 5 Longmeadow Avenue 7/1/2021
Liz Drayton Planning Board Liaison


Town Code: Conservation Commission § 32.15 CREATION, MEMBERS.

There is hereby created a Conservation Commission of the town consisting of seven members, all of whom shall be qualified electors of the town and one of whom shall be a member of the planning board of the town. These seven persons shall be appointed by the Council in accordance with the provisions of R.I. Gen. Laws ‘ 45]35]1 et seq. (’73 Code, ‘ 2]36) (Ord. passed 8 – 1 – 66; Am. Ord. passed 4]6]83)


The persons appointed to the Conservation Commission shall serve without compensation and shall be appointed for a term of three years. Vacancies caused by resignation, death or for any other reason, shall be filled by appointment for the unexpired term of office. Members shall hold office until their successors have been duly appointed.

(’73 Code, ‘ 2]37) (Ord. passed 8]1]66; Am. Ord. passed 4]6]83)

§ 32.17 OFFICERS.

(A) The Conservation Commission shall elect its chairman from its members and his term of office shall be for one year and he may be eligible for reelection thereafter. The Commission may, at its discretion, likewise elect a vice chairman. The Commission shall also elect a secretary in the same manner as the chairman.

(B) The chairman of the Commission shall preside over all meetings and, in his absence, the vice chairman, if such office exists. In the event that the Commission fails to elect a vice chairman, the members of the Commission shall appoint a temporary chairman to conduct any meeting in the absence of the chairman.

(C) It shall be the duty of the secretary to keep minutes of all Commission meetings, record all its transactions and authenti cate same. All such records shall be kept by the secretary as the Commission’s permanent records, which shall be available to the general public for inspection at all times after the authentication thereof. (’73 Code, ‘ 2]38) (Ord. passed 8]1]66; Am. Ord. passed 4]6]83)


(A) The Conservation Commission shall have such powers and duties as are prescribed in R.I. Gen. Laws ‘ 45]35]1 et seq. and shall have as its objectives: to promote and develop the natural resources; to protect the watershed resources; and to preserve natural aesthetic areas within the town.

(B) Such Commission shall conduct researches into its local land areas and shall seek to coordinate the activities of unofficial bodies organized for similar purposes, and may advertise, prepare, print and distribute books, maps, charts, plans and pamphlets which units judgment it deems necessary for its work, subject to the availability of funds for such purposes. It shall make and keep an index of all open spaces within the town publicly or privately owned including open marshlands, swamps and other wetlands, for the purpose of obtaining information on the proper use of such areas. It may recommend to the Council a program for the better promotion, development, utilization, or preservation of open areas, streams, shores, wooded areas, roadsides, swamps, marshlands, and natural aesthetic areas.

(C) The Commission shall have power, subject to the approval of the Council, to appoint clerks and other employees it from time to time require. (’73 Code, ‘ 2]39) (Ord. passed 8]1]66; Am. Ord. passed 4]6]83)


The Commission shall adopt rules for the transaction of its business and shall keep permanent and accurate records of all its resolutions, transactions, findings, determinations and recommendations. (’73 Code, ‘ 2]43) (Ord. passed 8]1]66; Am. Ord. passed 4]6]83)


The Commission, in carrying out its program, may call on other departments, boards or agencies of the town for such information, assistance or advice as may conveniently be rendered by the departments, boards or agencies, and may advertise, prepare, print or distribute maps, charts, plans and pamphlets which, in its judgment, it deems necessary for its work within the limit of any funds that may be provided for such work. (’73 Code, ‘ 2]40) (Ord. passed 8]1]66; Am. Ord. passed 4]6]83)


The Commission, prior to making any findings, shall consult with any other department, board or agency of the town that may be in any way directly or indirectly affected thereby, and shall be entitled to receive from any other department, board or agency information concerning any plans, projects or contemplated work that will affect the program or objectives of the Commission. Any action relating to land use or other physical aspects of the town shall be in general conformance with any master plan that may have been adopted by the Council. (’73 Code, ‘ 2]41) (Ord. passed 8]1]66; Am. Ord. passed 4]6]83)


The Commission may receive gifts of funds, lands, buildings or other properties in the name of the town, subject to the approval of the Council, and may thereafter manage the same in accordance with the objectives set forth in this division, and the purposes set forth in title 45, chapter 35 of the General Laws of Rhode Island, 1956. This authority shall not be construed or exer cised to deny to the people free access to such lands, or to any other land held by or for the town for recreational purposes. (’73 Code, ‘ 2]42) (Ord. passed 8]1]66; Am. Ord. passed 4]6]83)


All meetings of the Commission shall be open to the public, and any person or his duly constituted repre sentative shall be entitled to appear and be heard on any matter before the Commission before it reaches final decision on such matter. (’73 Code, ‘ 2]44) (Ord. passed 8]1]66; Am. Ord. passed 4]6]83)


All records of the Commission shall become public records. The Commission shall file an annual report on or before the last day of March of each year. (’73 Code, ‘ 2]45) (Ord. passed 8]1]66; Am. Ord. passed 4]6]83

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